Werner Icking Music Archive Case

Good news, as Christian Mondrup annunced by email, archive is back online at http://icking-music-archive.org/. Was ‘only’ a dns matter.


Previously, on this post….

WIMA, Werner Icking Music Archive, a great collection of free downloadable classical sheets, is not online anymore at his primary url http://icking-music-archive.org/. Seems a lot of people is coming on Karma Drums looking for WIMA, so i’d like to give some information.

First, the good news: the archive is still browsable at an alternative address.

The alternative home page contains a google site search that is not working, as it search on icking-music-archive.org.
Is also possibile to access the new scores page (updated on 5/1) revised scored page, reconstructing the correct url

Temporary server down or some bigger trouble? According to google cache site was online at primary url http://icking-music-archive.org/ until 30 Apr 2008. Now this address is 404. But new scores page at alternative url was updated on may 1. I’ve emailed daimi [at] daimi.au.dk, where WIMA is/was hosted, and Christian Mondrup asking for news. I’ll update as soon i’ve some news. Pls, leave a comment in case you have more informations

Some information about WIMA on Wikipedia
Link to the still online Mutopia Project, for those who need classical sheets.

[updated on may 5]

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