Field civil and military drums

Drums are part of our military and civil history. They marched with troops, transmitted orders, testimonied war and peace days; they sound in celebrations, good and bad events. Field Drums is a beatiful site, for who loves to run back the drums history: photos, stories, players. is “dedicated to research, study and comparisons of old field drums. Our purpose is to collect information about historical U.S. drums (manufacture, preservation, conservancy, repair, market) for use by scholars, collectors and others. Photographs of drums, and anything related, together with educational and informative narratives, are welcome. If it’s on the web, it should be here. Interested readers will find archived postings a good resource.”

Suonano da tempo immemorabile in tempo di guerra e di pace. Segnando giorni di festa e giorni di lutto, cerimonie, giochi e spettacoli. Un tempo trasmettevano ordini e messaggi, ancora oggi sono una colonna portante della musica che ci accompagna tutti i giorni. Ai tamburi e soprattutto alla loro storia è dedicato un bel sito: Field Drums. Foto, ricostruzioni, personaggi e tutto quello che serve per sentire riecheggiare le cadenze del passato.


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