Umbria Jazz Berklee Summer School

A full immersion in music, in and old and beautiful italian ancient town during a great jazz festival, Umbria Jazz 2009. From 10 to 19 july, in Perugia, you can attend to clinics with Berklee teachers and live on of the biggest jazz event with hundred of gigs. 250 available places; cost is 410 € with a free access to lessons and to the main stage of the jazz festival.

All info on courses, accomodations and application on, berklee summer school at umbria jazz


2 thoughts on “Umbria Jazz Berklee Summer School

  1. I have been trying to find the contact name and office of this year’s (2009) Umbria Jazz Festival, as I am interested in participating in workshops as a student and as a non-professional performer. I would greatly appreciate being forwarded any information you have that could assist me along this path. I am able to forward a couple of web addresses where my voice recordings are readily available. (I am a first year graphics and communication design student at Accademia Italiana in Firenze.)
    With much thanks in advance,
    Savanna Jones Martin
    39 380 637 2852

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