Play along: songs good for drums practice (episode one)

After the books, the rudiments, the tecnique: playing (drums) is a matter of music. And is a matter of songs. I was thinking to some good songs for drums practice. Not necessary ‘great’ songs, but, at least, with an interesting drums track or groove or fills; songs that need some ‘soul’ to be played.
This is the first episode: basic pop/rock play along. [Update: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean score added]

  • AC/CD: Back in black [Why: need more that two bars count off, to start in time an play over The Riff? Keep an eye over the breaks, anyway, and remember that if Phil can play it you can too. Check the live version: some bpm more fast, more groovin. And only one bar count off. Download .pdf score: Ac/dc Back in black drums score ]
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama [Why: that open hi hat on fourth upbeat, the rim shot and Alabama blue skies. A super classic. Click here for pdf Sweet home alabama drums score]
  • The Clash: Rock in the casbah [Why: when London calls, you can only play. And, over all, accent the first eight on hi hat]
  • Nickelback: Someday [Why: don’t you feel spiderman behind your shoulder? And those breaks are a good way to start playing obbligato way
  • Green Day: Boulevard of broken dreams [Why: it’s so easy to look like an america idiot; but is not so easy to keep the right groove on the chorus. And is not only a matter of playing loud: can’t you hear that crash crashing?
  • Michael Jackson: Billie Jean [Why. A milion dollar 4/4 apparently for dummies; is like an airplane with autopilot. And the bass line is a classic. Click here for pdf Billie Jean drums score]
  • Rolling Stones: Wild Horses [Why: have you ever been a rockstar? And check also the Alicia Keys and Adam Levine version with some good breaks]
  • The Police: Driven to tears [Why: a song full of stuff. Rock, punk and a reggae sidestick. The bass drum beating 4/4 is like an hi speed train, and the breaks are really good. Who said rock is easy?]
  • To be continued […]


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