Ac/Dc Back in Black drums score

Ac/Dc’s Back in Black: Download updated score: Ac/Dc Back in Black drums score


6 thoughts on “Ac/Dc Back in Black drums score

  1. Thanks for this! I’m trying to get some scores and backing tracks for some of my GCSE Music drummers.

    Do you know where i can get any backing tracks for them to play along to?


  2. hi becky, if you need drum scores here you can find a lot of sheets you can download for free

    for backing tracks, unfortunately, you have to buy the ‘minus one’ cd or dvd. i can suggest The Commandments of R&B Drumming Play-Along by Zoro

    tons of other play-along from pink floyd to rush on

    hope it helped, if you need some other info feel free to post :-)

  3. Thank you for that.As a drums newbie found it very useful. do you have any other acdc transcriptions???I am looking for Thunderstruck.


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