Berklee to open a College in Valencia (Spain)

Valencia is one of the most beautiful town in the world. And Berklee is one of the greatest music school. So, if you wanna be an happy music student, maybe it’s time to plan a move to Valencia where Berklee will open a college in 2011 in collaboration with Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE, the Spanish creators’ rights organization) and Valencia’s government.

Berklee Valencia will open in 2011, with the first full-time class entering that September. The college will be housed in a new cultural complex called ARTeria Valencia, which will be part of ARTeria Multiespacios, a network of performance, education, and related commercial spaces being constructed by SGAE in several Spanish and Latin American cities. Berklee will also provide these sites with special academic programs, workshops, clinics, and scholarship auditions.

Berklee and SGAE officials will break ground October 16, 2008, on nearly four acres of land (20,000 square meters) that was made available for the project by the Generalitat Valenciana (the government of the Valencian region) and the City of Valencia. ARTeria Valencia’s iconic complex will include a 25-story tower sitting atop a two-story, 1.5-acre plinth. An outdoor theater with 1,000 seats will be built on the plinth, and the plinth interior will feature housing for faculty and students, as well as public and commercial space. Construction will begin in early 2009. The ARTeria Valencia complex is projected to cost 92 million euros ($130 million), with an additional 11 million euros ($15 million) to construct the most technologically advanced recording studios, classrooms, and learning labs. The project will be privately funded by the partnering cultural entities.

Preview of the College and more info

Berklee Valencia Official Site

A report on Berklee Valencia the report by Back Bay


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