Blink 182 after Travis plane crash. Talking (about reunion?)

Mark Hoppus Maybe ‘cos Travis Barker almost died in a plane crash, showing everyone how short and unpredictable is life for music stars too; maybe ‘cos after four years of silence a long time friendship is still on the run; maybe ‘cos every spitted band seem going to reunite. Maybe all those thigns, but the fact is that Blink 182 are talking again, are talking a lot and seems to be friends again.

In the midst of everything else that has happened lately, tom, travis, and i have all spoken together. first through a number of phone calls, and then a couple of weeks ago we all hung out for a few hours. they’ve all been great, very positive conversations. we’re just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking. it’s a good thing. obviously the first question for a lot of people will be “does this mean a blink-182 reunion?” the answer is none of us know. we haven’t talked about it at all. right now it’s just good for the three of us to see one another, reconnect, and let the past be the past. the events of the past two months supersede everything that happened before. life is too short.
And the wheels of karma (drums) may go round and round, until Travis is againg behind 182 drums

So blogged Mark Hoppus

So it’s time to set our clock for the next-reunion-countdown?


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