Reunion Blues Touring Bands’ Guide. A place for touring musicians

reunion blues tour bands' guide Track 1. You are on tour. You’re looking for some cool place to go, some good place where to eat, somewhere to crash or to hang out. Nothing best to know all those things by musicians like you. It’s called social networking. And it works. Now there a new place where touring musicians can share their recommendation with other touring musicians: Reunion Blues Touring Bands’ Guide: the independent touring band’s digital handbook for planning your tour from A to Z.

Reunion Blues is launching a new web site to help bands book their own independent tour. The site showcases club names and booking personnel’s contact info for 27 of the largest US cities… and growing. It’s also a way for musicians to find venues to perform… and when a band submits a venue or hangout, the Tour Guide attributes their entry with their band name, sound clips, photo and url- its a great way to get exposure. They also are placed on the homepage of the TourGuide, which is highly visible. Best of all, the information is submitted by touring musicians, for touring musicians!


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