Meinl (drum festival) goes to Moscow

Meinl drum festival 2009 Moscow Ready for Moscow? In June weather it’s affordable. If you are ready you can book for Meinl Drum Festival that will be held at the Palace of Youth.

A good chance to worrk with the emerging star of drumming Benny Greb (Hudson music jkust released his ‘The language of drumming‘), and other masters like Thomas Lang, Mike Terrana, Wolfgang Haffner, Snake.

“Our idea is to host the festival in an international metropolis one year, and then go back to Gutenstetten again the year after,” explains Meinl’s festival coordinator Norbert Saemann. “This year we will debut the international Meinl Drum Festival in Moscow, Russia. Drummers all over the world have followed the previous festival on the internet and have watched the videos we produced. We have had an especially strong demand from Russian drummers to host a Meinl Drum Festival in Moscow.”


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