Nasyrium Drum Camp 2009

Nasyr and Horacio @ Drum Camp

Nasyr and Horacio @ Drum Camp

UPDATE: some changes. Drum camp is now Ultimate drum camp and some things has changed. Read read comment here for more info or visit

Ready for drumming in the nature? Nasyrium Drum Camp 2009 final educators line-up: Horacio ‘el negro’ Hernandez, Mike Mangini, Giovanni Hidalgo, Kenwood Dennard, Raoul Rekow, Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr


7 thoughts on “Nasyrium Drum Camp 2009

  1. Scott to correct you on a few things;
    1 Nasyr is far from a Scheister he busted his ass to creat thins camp.
    2 Mike Coyle and Julian Reusing have taken over the camp administration and have been made aware of your registration payment.
    3 nasyr has no control in the administration of Ultimate Drum Camp

    below is the press release any students who do not wish to attend this camp can have a refund…

    Here is the press release you were suppose to have emailed to you as Julian told me all students were notified be email. So for the record

    The Ultimate Drum Camp, formerly known as the Nasyrium Drum Camp, announced today that they have moved the camp to a new location in Magog, Quebec, the Orford Arts Center .

    Looking for an extraordinary musical experience?

    Ultimate Drum Camp provides a unique opportunity to study one-on-one with world renowned drum and percussion masters; Dennis Chambers, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio Hernandez, Mike Mangini, Kenwood Dennard, Raul Rekow, Nasyr Al-Khabyyr and our latest entry Flo Mounier.

    Held at the world renowned Orford Arts Centre in Mount Orford Quebec, Ultimate Drum Camp emphasizes participation and hands-on learning in an easy-going natural environment.

    Sunday, August 16 to Saturday, August 22, 2009.

  2. sorry a few typos in the last post but i am sure you can understand what i was saying. if anyone has a problem with Nasyr please don’t hesitate to contact me i am his manager at 514-836-6709

  3. Any student who sent a deposit to Nasyrium Productions to attend Nasyrium Drum Camp 2009 has the option of attending Ultimate Drum Camp which has the same amazing line up. If you choose not to attend this camp you should contact me at with a request for a refund. If you paid by PayPal there will be a delay for the refund by you will receive it. Nasyr will not be teaching at Ultimate Drum Camp and any administrative issues should be addressed to the organizers of this event. Ultimate Drum Camp is not a Nasyrium Productions Event.

    Thank you,

    Chantal Vezina

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