Sickest Dirt Fest Drummer: contest vinner

If you love fast & fourious drumming, SickDrummer (magazine and website) is one of you places. contest as just ended. We ha a vinner and a loto of stuff to watch and listen

questa pagina i ‘Sick’ video dei batteristi dalla bacchetta incandescente

Finalists and their video

Luke Smith – Eye of The Beholder
Matt Moy – Bahamut
Tyler Johnson – The 2nd System
Adam Wilson – Ghost of Maine
Cody McCoy – Algore
Chuck Pemberton – Deadringer
Skylar Hendrix – Alls Quiet
Paul Bissonnette Jr – I Decay
Mike Kreger – Battlecross
Corey Newsom – An Oath In Blood
Adam Hampton – Desiring Dead Flesh

And the winner will be crowned Sickest Dirt Fest Drummer on Sick Drummer Magazine september issue. “We are proud to announce Mike Kreger of Battlecross as the winner of The Sickest Dirt Fest Drummer contest. Mike won with 96 votes and will be featured in the September issue of Sick Drummer Magazine. We would also like to give mention to Cody McCoy of Algore, who received almost as many votes as Mike.”


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