Swedish ‘Infernal’ seeking a fast and Cubase ready drummer

Infernal is a Swedish metal band seeking for a drummer for immediarte recordings

“We, INFERNAL, or rather I, David Parland (vocalist/guitarist/main writer and manager of the band) is seeking a drummer for immediate recordings.

This because of that Tomas Asklund is not longer involved in the band, which unfortunately was mutually agreed about 2 weeks ago, since he simply hadn’t much time. We wish him well in his future projects anyway, and as said earlier we hope this is for the best for both of us.

We originally had talked about starting further recordings now in August, but now it won’t happen with Tomas, who now is a full member of GORGOROTH.

Anyway, I don’t know if the message has come across that we are DESPERATELY in need of a drummer, since we, or rather I am sitting here with loads of material waiting to be recorded, and without a drummer, no further progress of the band can be made.

To clarify what we exactly are in need of, is a guy who can play extreme metal, meaning high speed (around 120 bpm at least), who is tight as hell, etc, but are 100 percent familiar working with the music program Cubase (SX or another version). This is a must. This means to play along to a click track, so that tapes (rather files, since ‘tapes’ now belong to the last century) can be exchanged over the Net.

To further clarify things, is that we need someone very good, but who we only need to play on a couple of tracks, that will later be sent out as a very professional ‘demo’ to record companies etc.

This will of course work out on a professional and business level, meaning the person in question will be a ‘hired gun’ for this particular session.

All that match the above requirements and can start recording ASAP, can contact me in question, personally at the following e-mail adress: parland.david@gmail.com or use the myspace site and send a message. write: SESSION DRUMMER in the subject line, so it’s not mistaken for anything else like spam etc.

As for INFERNAL, the course is still of course the same, regardless of who is playing drums. We are going to record a full-length to be released early 2010, (and have 75% of the material written – all titles etc) and will play live, and promote it as much as possible at the time of release.

Whether INFERNAL will be a real band (I hope of course, or will be me and a couple of “hired guns”, remains to be seen. I was hoping to get this into a real band with an “all for one” attitude”, but things seem to work in the opposite direction, were I might have to depend on revolving line-ups, like for example bands as MEGADETH, DISSECTION and tons of other bands have done through the years… Anyway, the music and the soul of INFERNAL is ME, and will come through regardless whoever else than me is playing in the band.”


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