The state of Rock: visions and thoughts by Mike Portnoy

The huffington post have an interview with His Prog Drumming Majesty Mike Portony, talking with Jon Chattman ’bout the state of music and a lot of other stuff:

Here a little excerpt:
What do you think of the state of rock?
Well the state of the “music industry” is at its most fragile that it’s ever been since rock music became corporate business 50 years ago and in that respect, I’m happy to see a lot of artists are finally “getting their music back” (by default) after been getting it stuck to them by unfair record company deals for all these years.

As far as the state of “rock,” it’s actually pretty sad actually. When the new Dream Theater CD entered the Billboard Top 10 this summer, we were the only “rock” act in the top 10. We were surrounded by pop acts (Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana), hip hop acts (Black Eyed Peas, Eminem) and soundtracks (Transformers). We were the only thing slightly resembling a rock “band” on the chart. That’s pretty lame actually.



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