Mapex Rythm Roots: expose your drumming to the world

ritym_roots_mapex Mapex are reaching out to drummers with their new RHYTHM ROOTS programme.

Take a look to this cool Mapex event:

“RHYTHM ROOTS is our quest to bring into the spotlight the next generation of great, individual drumming talent via the internet. It’s SO simple! Every month, we will select and post the top five favourite videos that are submitted to Simply email your video link to and each month we will upload our favourites.

This is your chance to showcase your style and flair to the world, whatever and however you play, Mapex wants to see and hear the style diversity of the drumming public while at the same time giving the opportunity to all drummers to be heard by the world’s music community.

Send us your video link with a description of yourself, your influences and your interests and we will contact you if we plan to post your video. The footage can be a live performance with your band or short solo on the drum set.


Check Mapex Rythm Roots programme


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