Rythm magazine ‘Greatest drummers of all time’ poll: the top 50

johnbonham550 We hear your voices: “Are u serious telling me that Ringo is better than Dave??!!”. “Ehi why da fuck Neil Peart is not the no. 1??!!”.

Pls note: top 50 that’ll piss you off is not a KarmaTop. Is the result of an online poll launched by Rythm Magazine to find the 50 greatest drummer of all time.
Note 2: is just an online poll. But most of all is a chance to listen to 50 great drummers (almost all 50)

50. Matt Cameron
49. Elvin Jones
48. Chris ‘Daddy’ Dave
47. Alex Rodriguez
46. Andols Herrik
45. Brian Bennett
44. Tomas Haake
43. Stanton Moore
42. Jeff Porcaro
41. The Rev
40. Thomas Pridgen
39. Charlie Watts
38. Art Blakey
37. Terry Bozzio
36. Steve White
35. Carl Palmer
34. Billy Cobham
33. Carmine Appice
32. Dominic Howard
31. Tré Cool
30. Tommy Lee
29. Gene Krupa
28. Bernard Purdie
27. Tony Royster Jr
26. Brann Dailor
25. Steve Smith
24. Jojo Mayer
23. Chris Adler
22. Vinnie Colaiuta
21. Steve Gadd
20. Phil Collins
19. Lars Ulrich
18. Nicko McBrain
17. Ian Paice
16. Danny Carey
15. Ringo Starr
14. Ginger Baker
13. Dave Weckl
12. Stewart Copeland
11. Joey Jordison
10. Travis Barker
09. Thomas Lang
08. Mitch Mitchell
07. Dave Grohl
06. Chad Smith
05. Mike Portnoy
04. Neil Peart
03. Keith Moon
02. Buddy Rich
01. John Bonham

Here on Music Radar.com the complete top with some good link to listen the drummers in action. Top 50 to 26; top 25 to 1


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