Stanton Moore: Groove alchemy and other drum stuff, an interview

Read and listen: an interview with Stanton Moore by Jarrod Dicker for Thirsty. Something about it’s drummer’s wordl

THIRSTY: What was your strategy behind the recently released solo project Groove Alchemy, which includes an album, a book, and an instructional DVD under the same moniker?

Stanton Moore: What I wanted to do was present an approach to drumming by going through what the masters have already done. I wanted to show how a person can take what [the masters] have done and twist it into their own unique approach; see how these techniques can fit their own musical situation. So there’s a book that I’ve been working on for the past five years as well as a DVD. I check out masters’ Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks and Zigaboo Modeliste to go through the innovations they’ve already done. Then I take those things and show how people can combine them with other things and formulate their own approach and grooves. Once I develop a new groove, I put it to music with the Trio (Stanton Moore on drums, Robert Walter on Hammond B3 organ and piano, Will Bernard on Guitar). The album is a culmination of the whole process, to play alongside the book and DVD.


Stanton MOORE. Groove Alchemy DVD


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