Drum tracks and drum loops for your music

If you need original drum loop or a drum track for you music, if you are tired of messing around the usual drum loops, you are in the right place.
We @karmadrums have setted up the ‘Human Groove Factory’: every day new drum tracks and drum loop for every genre: jazz, to r’n’b, drum’n’bass, rock, dubstep, afro, latin, tecno, tribal.

All drum tracks and drum loops are ‘human’ with no editing, no quantization, no artificial intelligence. Yes, sometimes we fail. We are human, not drum machines


116 bpm afrocuban tribal grooves

Free drum loops: Punjab is in the groove, etno drum loop @ 104bpm

Free drum loop: Blues drums groove in 11/8

Free drum loop: Tribal grooves, soundscapes and breaks from a facilitated drum circle

Free drum loops: Three in the four funk-rock drum loop

Free drum loops: rythm and blues – funk grooves

Prince, housequake: drum loop from sign ‘o the times

Tumbao ostinato @132 bpm

Drum loop: R’n’B groove in an old fashioned mood

Ragga and dubstep halftime feel drum grooves


2 thoughts on “Drum tracks and drum loops for your music

  1. Dear Karma,love the drums they sound really tight!!
    i am a producer based in Jamaica & Florida…
    i’m looking for some various styles of soca ,pop,rock and r&b loops ….

    keep up the good works!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi! thanks for your kind words. I have uploaded a lot of drum loops in different styles on my bandcamp account. There’s a compilation (for only 5 $) of 54 drum track in different styles from latin to funk, soca, ecc: Diggin in the groove vol 1

    If you don’t mind buying the ‘digging in the groove’ album, no problem: pls let me know some tracks you like: i’ll send you for free

    Let the music play :-)

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