DVD. The atomic clock: Gene Hogland unveils the secrets of metal drumming

“The Atomic Clock” is the educational dvd by Gene Hogland, first for him, where this icon metal drummer unveils the secrets of ‘being him’. Check the video below and see if a man with THAT double bass drum tecnique really need a million dollar pedal to play. So stop blaming your pedal and keep practicing

Some word by Gene: “I am real proud of this thing. A whole lotta love and fun went into the making of it, and I’m real stoked to be bringing it to the public. Those who have seen it have seemed to really enjoy it, and like I’ve said all along, you don’t even have to be a drummer to get a kick out of it, I swear. And to those who have purchased the ‘special limited edition’ that we’ve quietly had on sale for the past little bit, I thank you massively. And to those who intend on purchasing the ‘real deal’ itself, I thank you in advance as well.

“‘The Atomic Clock’ is two hours of me showing you how I do what I do, without a whole ton of boring, stale rudiments to bog you down. I feature nine full songs (five from the mighty MECHANISM alone) from some of my projects, plus a few different improvised solos, and tons of tips and tricks from my arsenal to help anybody out there become a better drummer. And human being. No, wait a minute, that ‘better human being’ bit will come from my upcoming ‘How to Kick Ass, Motherfucker, like an Ass-Kicking Motherfucker’ line of motivational DVDs that are soon to come. Yeah…right.


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