Karmadrums Loop Contest: play your loops and samples and win a Bose Quiet Confort 15 headphone

Well time has come to play your loops, upload them in our Soundcloud Dropbox and win a Bose QuietComfort 15 headphone.

Yes, we @karmadrums love Bose and love loops & samples and want to warm up your creativity

Karmadrums contest rules

1. Upload five loops or/and samples: min 1 bar – max 8 bars, in any time signature on our Soundcloud.com Dropbox [see below]
2. Upload loops in ONE single audio file in AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP3 (almeno 256 di bitrate), AAC
3. Licenza Creative Commons Loop and samples must be released under a Creative Commons licence Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)
4. Wait for october 15, when our staff (musicians, dj and producers) will tell the world who’s the Best Karmalooper

That’s it, come back on this site to follow the competition and listen the other’s music

Ready? Drop your loop and samples here:

Send us your track


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