Clyde Stubblefield’s kidney: give the godfather of drummers your support

He’s been the drummer of the godfather of soul, James Brown; he’s the most sampled drummer in the music history (his groove on James Brown Funky Drummer); he’s the beginning of funk, hip hop and drum’n’bass drumming.

He’s a funk drumming legend and he needs our help. From july 2009 Clide is suffering of kidney kidney failure and began weekly dialysis treatment. This stuff is painful and most of all expensive in USA.
“In July 2010, The Coalition for Clyde Stubblefield – an artist & industry association of Clyde’s supporters – was founded by drummers Stanton Moore, Johnny Rabb and David Stanoch to spread word of Clyde’s situation and new avenues being created expressly for donating financial support directly to him.”

If you, drummer, musician, music lover understand how the music owe to Clide: Join the coalition for Clide Stubblefield, donate and spread the word. Remember that no donation is too small. We did it.


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