Hypercube, drums without fears by Marco Buccelli – free preview

Marco Buccelli is a great NY based drummer, a teacher and a Karmadrums friend. Check out his debut album:

“Hypercube” is the debut album from Marco Buccelli, a musician who left Naples for the United States to study at Berklee College of Music and has become an emerging drummer on the New York scene.

Amidst tours between New York and Europe, Marco has recorded this album of rich sounds, rhythms, and melodies which are at once angular and fluid. An album in which the music created by Marco Buccelli and Federico Casagrande (guitar) flows without hesitation, nourished by the absolute technical mastery of their instruments and an uncompromisable creativity with which they travel assuredly down the difficult path of true improvisation.

Hypercube was born from a refound and refurbished collaboration between Marco Buccelli and Federico Casagrande. Their objective was to create an album of intuitive music which appeals to the sensibility of a wide and varied audience. The album, engineered by Dave Schoenwetter, was recorded in one session and is meticulously comprised of eight short improvised pieces selected from the thirteen tracks recorded. Post production focused on maintaing the creative choices and impulses of the original session. “Hypercube- Le Cose Grandi E Le Cose Piccole” is to be released in late September by Punto Rojo.

One Nail Per Finger by marcobuccelli


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