Roland TD-9K2 and TD-9KX2 V-Drums

[press release]

Roland is proud to introduce two new intermediate kits in the V-Drums range: the TD-9K2 and TD-9KX2.

These kits feature the playability and sound quality of Roland’s industry-leading V-Drums, plus an array of practice and recording features that are perfect for the modern drummer.

Both the TD-9K2 and TD-9KX2 include an updated TD-9 Percussion Sound Module with 40 new kits along with 9 user kits for a total of 99 versatile kits for any musical style. Drummers can now play along with MP3 files via USB flash media.

By addin¬g MP3 playback to existing WAV compatibility and 50 internal real audio songs, the TD-9 provides drummers with even more creative performance options.

Kits can be edited using a user-friendly graphical interface and ambience effects and EQ can be added to customise kits quickly, and these are automatically stored in the internal memory. Drummers can also store their custom kits and settings from the TD-9 via USB flash media.

For practice, the TD-9 features the unique ‘Scope’ function, which provides real-time feedback of timing on an easy-to-read screen. The onboard Quick Record/Quick Play feature allows drummers to record and immediately play back solo drum performances or drum parts performed with any of the internal songs.

Both new kits feature Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh heads for the snare and toms, with rim triggering available on all pads. The new KD-9 Kick Pad provides extremely accurate triggering and a natural response thanks to a new cloth-designed bass drum head. It’s also quick and easy to set-up.

The new lightweight CY-13R ride (with three-way triggering) and CY-12C crash V-Cymbals offer a more natural swinging motion and playing feel. The TD-9KX2 also now includes the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, which mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand.


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