Sonor Essential Force Series

[ press release] The new SONOR Essential Force Series is designed for advanced drummersnot willing to sacrifice their musical freedom. Five preconfigured setsand 15 individual components offer unlimited possibilities for a drummer’s individual configuration.The 9-layered Birchwood shells are a superb foundation for SONOREssential Force Sets. Hefty and dynamic sounds – with accentuatedmid-ranges and highs, and defined lows – are the hallmark of theseshells. With high-gloss-lacquered natural wood surfaces, SONOR’sEssential Force really steals the show.


Shell Thicknesses
6 layers for Bass Drums, Tom Toms, Floor Toms and Snare Drums = 7.2 mm
New light-weight tension lugs with TuneSafe
New designed TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) Tom Mount system
New designed Chrome plated Snare Strainer and Snare Butt
6 spectacular new Solid and Burst Finishes
Availability of Short Size Toms, 20″ deep Bass Drums and the new S Drive Configuration
Rubber padded Bass Drum claws


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