The Evolution of Jazz Drumming, by Danny Gottlieb

Danny Gottlieb presents his ”The Evolution of Jazz Drumming” published with Hudson music

“There are of course more than 31 great jazz drummers, but with help from the Hudson crew, we picked the ones we felt would be the most important for a comprehensive overview.

For each drummer featured, I have included a basic bio, photos, study exercises and etudes. In many cases, the study exercise or etude is written in the style of a portion of the included video. Most jazz drum set students perform etudes or transcription solos as part of a weekly lesson, or as an end of semester jury. These exercises and etudes are designed to provide material for both purposes. In addition, I have found that it is very beneficial to pull a small excerpt from a particular drummer’s performance and make a study loop from it. By hearing the same passage over and over at different tempos, a student can really memorize the feel of a specific drummer. While many students use this method, I know of no other textbook or study guide on the market that uses specific excerpts from a variety of jazz greats for this purpose. I think we have over 300 study loops!

The audio is taken directly from the videos, and students can also view the complete performance as well. For those drummers featured where there is no video or audio, solos in the style of each drummer are provided, and a suggestion for further study. The important factor is that by studying this text, the student will now know the names of the most important jazz drummers on whom to base their study. After these drummers have been addressed, they can advance to more intensive analysis. As my students have mentioned, this a book that you think must exist somewhere on the market, but until this point has not.”


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