Imogen Heap new album: write the song online with the artist

A collaborative project from the Grammy Award-winning British singer, composer and songwriter. Now you can participate, day by day, in the birth of a new song

From Imogen website:

#heapsong1 is the working title of the first song from my new album. The album will be completed in roughly 3 years, with a new song released every 3 months as soon as it’s completed.

My fourth solo album begins here, with you on the 14th March. You are the spark of inspiration.

Have a look at the ‘keyboard’ page, hover over the piano keys, click and discover how you can get involved with sounds, words, image and video.

Why am I doing this? Well, there’s so much going on in my life with touring, talks and tech that this was both a necessity coupled with my passion for collaborative, spontaneous and creative projects. I also love the idea of turning the tables in that the seeds of the song begins with you, making a full circle when you experience it as a finished piece.

Plus… I often thrive on a deadline (Speeding Cars + Can’t take it in both written / recorded in a week) and creative limitations (Glittering Cloud – a song about locusts using purely locust samples as the rhythm track!). I want to really put myself to the test and I’m going to have fun doing it, with you!

I wonder where your ‘seeds’ are going to lead me?

For those of you who loved the vblogs you’ll be glad to hear I’ll be live blogging via Ustream every day (check the schedule page for times) for 2 weeks up to and including the release date 28th March when Tim Exile will be remixing live from my house, whatever the song turns out to sound like!

For those of you who end up in the final ‘package’ in some shape or form, you’ll be credited and paid appropriately (mainly for the middle section ‘solo’, the images and video content, probably not for samples of rustling leaves or a word… sorry!)

See you here soon!

Love immi xxx

Here all info


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