Hip Hop ‘wild elements’, a construction kit for hip hop tunes and lyrics

Hip hop instrumental drum loops, guitar loop: ideas and suggestions ready for your music and lyrics

“This is a compilation including some new and old school hip hio instrumental drum loops and grooves, two guitar loop tracks and a tune. All this elements are released on a creative commons licence and are intendended as suggestion or building bricks for remix, composition or other kinds of creative use”

track list:

Hip Hop drum loops @ 98 bpm wih funk spice
Hip Hop & rap drum loop @99 bpm old school
Hip hop drum loop ”between the cracks” style
Hip hop & funk drum loops @ 108 bmp
Shuffled hip hop drum loop
Broken loops: electronic hip hop cadences
Half time shuffle drum loops @ 126 bpm
Hip Hop drum groove 12/8 @98 bpm
Me and miss jones guitar loop, swung
Me and miss jones guitar loop, straight


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