From four to five, a snare drum and double bass drum warm up


A simple warm up using a combination of single strokes roll shifting from 8th to 16th quintuplets

Double bass drum exercises for dummies (and not dummies): free pdf download sheet music

How to improve your double bass drum tecnique? Nothing better than apply rudiments and basic grooves. Here you can download 7 pdf pages full of free exercises

Double Bass Drum exercises for rookie and non rookie drummers: applying grooves and rudiments to double pedal tecnique

Paradiddles, rock grooves, single and double stroke roll, tuples and linear combination: 7 pages of double bass drum tecnique to help your feet play fast, accurata and groovy

Download here for free: Double Bass Drum exercises for rookie and non rookie drummers: applying grooves and rudiments to double pedal tecnique double bass drum tecnique exercises

How to use George Lawrence Stone’s Stick Control to improve your pedals control on drums

Who said George Lawrence Stone ‘Stick Control’ is only for hands?
You can use this fundamental book to practice and have a lot of fun playing Stick Control exsercises with feet too.

Here some quick tips for a routine, be creative and find yours.

1. Use pages 5,6 or 7
2. Play exercises with double bass pedal, kick/hi hat and or simply to the floor
3. Play exercises as prescribed by Stone (20 times) but also practicing every bar 4/8/12/16 times: those are the standard measure lenght you’ll deal to while playing
4. when you have confidence with exercises add some hands ostinatos in order to achieve independence and coordination too

Don’t play all routine every time: choose one or two kind of exercises and have fun

If you don’t have George Lavrence Stone’s Stick Control, you really should think to add it to you library

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

Double bass drums independence and coordination, part 3. Triplets

Some unisono exercises to pratice the single stroke roll on snare drums and double bass played. Rolls are either alternate and consecutive
Download score : double bass drum independence and coordination, part 4. Triplets
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