Ray Luzier: I am so sick of those perfect-sounding records

”But, you know what, now when I look back, we are all humans, our hearts beat at different rates. I am so sick of those perfect-sounding records. Everything is fixed. It’s quantified, the vocals are perfect, and the drums are so perfect. You don’t sound like that live. So why are you doing it in the studio?”

Chris Adler Mapex Drums clinic tour


2/28 Salt Lake City, UT @ Backbeats Drum Shop
3/2 Bellevue, WA @ Donn Bennett Drum Studio
3/3 Fresno, CA @ Bentley?s Drum Shop
3/6 San Antonio, TX @ Jeff Ryder Drum Shop
3/7 Nashville, TN @ Forks Drum Closet
3/8 Kansas City, MO @ Explorers Percussion
3/9 Memphis, TN @ Memphis Drum Shop
3/10 Kenner, LA @ Ray Fransen Drum Shop
3/14 Plainview, NY @ Original Long Island Drum Center
3/15 Portland, ME @ Drum Shop
3/16 Hollywood, FL @ Resurrection Drums

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