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Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

The Yamaha DTX502 module itself has double the wave ROM and over 250 more sounds than its predecessor – that’s 691 drum, percussion and effect sounds in total. USB connectivity, MIDI recording and “optimised” versions of existing sounds are also being touted as key features.

The four kits include DTX multi-zone pads that will allow for more nuanced rimshots, muting, cymbal swells and what Yamaha promises is an overall more natural playing experience.

There are options to suit different budgets (though we have no word on price currently) running from the entry level DTX522K, which uses single-zone pads on the toms, to the top-of-the-line DTX562K, which uses new multi-zone DTX pads across the board and includes a hefty cymbal stand.