Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha announces DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

The Yamaha DTX502 module itself has double the wave ROM and over 250 more sounds than its predecessor – that’s 691 drum, percussion and effect sounds in total. USB connectivity, MIDI recording and “optimised” versions of existing sounds are also being touted as key features.

The four kits include DTX multi-zone pads that will allow for more nuanced rimshots, muting, cymbal swells and what Yamaha promises is an overall more natural playing experience.

There are options to suit different budgets (though we have no word on price currently) running from the entry level DTX522K, which uses single-zone pads on the toms, to the top-of-the-line DTX562K, which uses new multi-zone DTX pads across the board and includes a hefty cymbal stand.

Roland V Drums TD 30

Roland is pleased to announce the TD-30KV and TD-30K V-Pro Series V-Drums, the new flagship kits in its industry-leading lineup of V-Drums electronic percussion.

Featuring SuperNATURAL sounds with Behaviour Modelling technology, improved V-Hi-Hat and V-Pads, and many more enhancements, the TD-30KV and TD-30K kits offer serious players the ultimate V-Drums experience for stage, studio, and beyond.
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Drum Shield 5.5X10 T Panel – Isolates the sound of your drum kit

This 5-Piece Acrylic Drum Shield can be placed in front of your kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session, or it can allow you to lower your band’s overall stage volume by reducing the amount of drum sound in the stage mix. It can also be placed behind the drum kit to reflect more sound toward the audience in outdoor venues. The two end panels feature mouse holes at the base, so it’s easy to run cables for mikes or e-drums through the shield. The five 5-1/2′ x 2′ panels require no assembly and fit together with flexible hinges, making setup and tear down simple. Each hinge runs the entire length of the connection, providing better sound dampening than ever before, as well as increased stability and safety.

• Includes five 5-1/2′ x 2′ panels
• Four full-length, flexible hinges
• Two Mouse holes for cables on both end panels

Musikmesse 2011: Paiste Twenty Custom Collection Cymbals

Press Release: Swiss cymbal giants Paiste has launched a new addition to its Twenty range, called the Twenty Custom Collection. All the cymbals hand-manufactured in CuSn20 bronze with a glossy brilliant finish.

The Twenty Custom Collection won’t be available until September 2011, prices TBA. Read on for the full press release with model details…
“Powerful warmth and crystal-clear presence”
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Gibraltar 9707MLUA Ultra Adjust Hi Hat Stand

Gibraltar’s Ultra Adjust hi hat stand allows the player to position the stand in a comfortable leg playing position and independently position the hi hat cymbals for best playing placement. Gibraltar accomplished this utilizing the patented Ultra Adjust system. These two gearless positioning points give up to eight inches displacement for the upper stand section of the hi hat.


Gretsch Renown “1957” Shell Pack Motor City Blue with Throne

Gretsch breaks conventional drum design with the introduction of the Renown ’57. Inspired by the great American automotive companies of the 1950s, the Renown ’57 combines legendary performance with unique shell design. The “body panel” is the Renown Chevron, an aluminum white teardrop with beveled chrome edges and embossed chrome Gretsch logo. The set is finished in Motor City Blue, a traditional colour derived from the 1950s car era. The shells are standard Renown Maple specification. Shell Pack Sizes: 10″x8″ Tom, 12″x9″ Tom, 16″x16″ Floor Tom, 22″x18″ Bass Drum, 14″x6.5″ Snare Drum. Also includes a matching Drum Throne.