Drumbassadors: One for the Money, but Two for the Show DVD

Excerpted from the Drumbassadors “One for the Money, but Two for the Show”, this lesson, featuring Rene Creemers, shows you some tips on coordination and dependence on the drumset. The full video contains nearly two hours of instructional video, as well as 90 minutes of live performance featuring this world-reknown drum duo.

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Ultimate Lesson Series: Gospel & R&B

Hudson Music is proud to present the Ultimate Drum Lessons series of DVDs, featuring lessons and performances on the most popular drumming styles and topics, given by some of the greatest drummers in the world.

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel/R&B Drumming contains educational lessons and incredible performances from some of the greatest drumming artists playing these styles today: John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Cameo), Aaron Spears (Usher, Alicia Keys, American Idol Tour), Chris Coleman (New Kids on the Block, Christina Aguilera, Chaka Khan), Adam Deitch (John Scofield, Break Science, Lettuce), Nathaniel Townsley (Joe Zawinul, Mariah Carey), Gerald Heyward (Mary J. Blige, Coolio, Blackstreet), Marvin McQuitty (Destiny’s Child, Stevie Wonder), Teddy Campbell (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Al Jarreau), Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown), Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information), Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Keyshia Cole), Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Review) and more.
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The New Frontier for Drumset by Marko Djordjevic

The New Frontier for Drumset is a unique method in that it aims to break you away from always playing previously practiced licks, patterns, and stickings. In doing so, your creativity will be challenged in ways that will broaden your understanding of the instrument. This makes it one of the most comprehensive drum methods available today. With this method, you’ll achieve greater freedom in improvising and composing drum parts; improve your musicality, time, feel, dynamics, coordination, and melodic movement around the drumset; and increase your understanding and accurate execution of subdivisions, linear playing, odd-meter playing, and phrasing over the bar line. This book will surely help you become the best drummer you can be.

Odd time drum loop: Everything but the 4​/​4: odd time drum loop collection vol 1

A collection of drum loops, grooves, rhythms and ideas human played with no quantization in odd time signatures (7/8, 5/8, 11/8, 5/4, 7/4) and different styles: funk, rock, pop, freestyle, drum’n’bass, breakbeat, blues, latin, house &more

Everything but the 4​/​4: odd time drum loop collection

Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Led Zeppelin

Alfred Music Publishing presents two new Led Zeppelin drum additions to its popular Ultimate Play-Along series. Each volume contains complete, authentic drum notation for eight Zeppelin tunes. The enclosed CD features two recordings of each song: an instrumental sound-alike, and an instrumental accompaniment track (without drums).

A Tone ‘N’ Tempo Changer program included on the CD-Rom lets you easily loop sections for practice, slow down tracks or speed them up without changing the pitch, change the key, and switch back and forth between full instrumental and accompaniment tracks. Book and two CDs for each volume are available for $19.99 from

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DVD: Modern drummer festival 2010

Modern Drummer Festival 2010
Series: DVD
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: DVD
Artist: Various

The Modern Drummer Festival 2-DVD package is jammed with both great performances and tons of educational insight for drummers of all levels. The lineup in 2010 included Chris Pennie, Shannon Forrest, Shawn Pelton, Adam Dietch, Benny Greb, Stanton Moore, Chris Coleman and more. Also included is a printable PDF eBook containing transcriptions of select performances and other educational information.

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DVD, Ultimate drum lessons: Double bass drum – free preview

Ultimate Lesson Series: Double Bass DVD

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Double Bass Drumming contains lessons from drummers best-known for the technique and musical application of double bass, including: Thomas Lang (stOrk), Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Russ Miller (Christina Aguillera/Babyface), Chris Adler (Lamb of God), and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Avenged Sevenfold). The video includes performance footage of each artist, plus legendary drummers Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck/The Who), Steve Smith (Journey/Vital Information), and Dave Lombardo (Slayer/Testament).

The program is hosted by legendary drumming instructor Dom Famularo, who shares his perspectives on the craft. The DVD covers all contemporary double bass drumming styles, from fusion to speed metal.

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The Breakbeat Bible, free pdf and audio preview

Hudson music releases ‘The breakbeat bible’

The Breakbeat Bible provides the most in-depth study of breakbeat drumming in print. The style is divided into thirteen essential elements, with each element discussed in its own chapter. Hundreds of exercises and beats give the reader ample opportunity to practice the elements, which, when assembled, will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing.

Over 90 transcriptions of beats and breaks provide the reader with a window into hip-hop/breakbeat drumming. Included are some of the most sampled beats in music history—including information about the original song and later songs that used the sample. Also included is a historical overview of hip-hop and breakbeat drumming, as well as biographies of many of the “architects” that helped design the culture.

The “Click Track Loops” chapter provides an incredibly challenging system for practicing the breakbeat/hip-hop elements and other grooves against various patterns programmed into a drum machine. These will help the reader attain new levels of tightness, precision, and groove in their drumming.

The Breakbeat Bible MP3 Disc features examples of select exercises, beats, and eight-bar phrases from the book. It also contains five play-along instrumental tracks (with and without drums). There is also a bonus sample library featuring 30 individual drum/cymbal sounds. Bonus Sections include Beats With Drops, Fills, and Dubstep.

Check Out a Sample Lesson from The Breakbeat Bible:
Click to download a pdf sampler from the book

Free audio preview of the breakbit bible

[audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/070-_070-7th-Element-Intro.-1.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/071-_071-7th-Element-Intro.-2.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/072-_072-7th-Element-Intro.-3.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/073-_073-7th-Element-Intro.-4.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/074-_074-7th-Element-Intro.-5.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/075-_075-7th-Element-Exercise-5.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/076-_076-7th-Element-Exercise-8.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/077-_077-7th-Element-Beat-2.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/078-_078-7th-Element-Beat-12.mp3%5D [audio:http://www.hudsonmusic.com/hudson/wp-content/uploads/079-_079-7th-Element-8-Bar-Phrase.mp3%5D

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