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Only few words: if you are a drummer – any kind of – visit new Hudson Music community site. Hudson Digital have all you need to learn, share, teach and connet with other drummers. Something like Facebook, Twitter and other ‘social’ cool sites, but only for us drummers

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Live on Wolfgang’s Vault

Sly & the Family Stone Fillmore East 10/5/1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival Fillmore West 3/14/1969 Sha Na Na Winterland 4/21/1973 Grateful Dead Winterland 10/25/1969 Joan Baez Greek Theatre 6/2/1974 Crosby, Stills & Nash Madison Square Garden 10/31/1986 Blood, Sweat and Tears North Mesquite High School 1/20/1973 Mountain Capitol Theatre 12/30/1973 Janis Joplin Fillmore East 2/12/1969 The Who Fillmore East 10/22/1969

Wolfgang’s vault: live this week free online concerts: Jeff Beck and Mahavishnu orchestra

Jeff Beck Riverside Theatre 5/10/1975 Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock Masonic Auditorium 3/8/1978 Santana and McLaughlin Berkeley Community Theatre 9/5/1973 Billy Cobham Bottom Line 2/19/1978 Di Meola, McLaughlin and De Lucia Warfield Theatre 12/6/1980 Mahavishnu Orchestra Cornell University 2/23/1973 Mahavishnu Orchestra Beloit College 3/21/1973 Mahavishnu Orchestra Palace Theater 5/19/1973 Mahavishnu Orchestra Orpheum Theatre 3/11/1973 Mahavishnu Orchestra Berkeley Community Theatre 11/9/1972

Reunion Blues Touring Bands’ Guide. A place for touring musicians

reunion blues tour bands' guide Track 1. You are on tour. You’re looking for some cool place to go, some good place where to eat, somewhere to crash or to hang out. Nothing best to know all those things by musicians like you. It’s called social networking. And it works. Now there a new place where touring musicians can share their recommendation with other touring musicians: Reunion Blues Touring Bands’ Guide: the independent touring band’s digital handbook for planning your tour from A to Z.

Reunion Blues is launching a new web site to help bands book their own independent tour. The site showcases club names and booking personnel’s contact info for 27 of the largest US cities… and growing. It’s also a way for musicians to find venues to perform… and when a band submits a venue or hangout, the Tour Guide attributes their entry with their band name, sound clips, photo and url- its a great way to get exposure. They also are placed on the homepage of the TourGuide, which is highly visible. Best of all, the information is submitted by touring musicians, for touring musicians!

Playing with clave and cascara, online free lessons with video by Robbie Ameen

From the Drumshead magazine education column “The Latin Quarter” by Robby Ameen, you should not miss this article (enhanced with video demo and pdf scores) of how to develope clave and cascara independence on the drumset.

Robbie Ameen is a master of afro-cuban drumming (Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon, Ruben Blades, Dave Valentin, Eddie Palmieri, Mongo Santamaria, Hilton Ruiz and Daniel Ponce, among others. He is the co-author of the best-selling instructional book and CD: Funkifying the Clave: Afro Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums. Along with Horacio “el Negro” Hernandez, Robby co-leads the “el Negro & Robby Band.”)

Lesson starts from a plain and light explanation of 2/3 and 3/2 clave and cascara and ends in sophisticated concepts to develope by yourself


Instructional Strategies for the Marching Bass Drum Line

A document from the master class by Jeff Moore and Jim Yakas (with the Madison Scouts Bass Line) at University of Central Florida music department. Document analyze problems in performance and suggest solutions. Good for every kind of drummer, anyway

A. Rhythmic Interpretation

1. Rhythm is played incorrect (open, closed, out of time), individual cannot play rhythm properly alone and/or rhythm is distorted when split.
2. May be caused by depending on listening only and “fitting” into the ensemble. *Individual should be able to play their part in time with metronome, then eventually be able to simultaneously play and listen for balance and flow.
3. Solution to problem
1. Play eighth notes on the right hand unison, then down the line (individually) have them play down beat orientated two or three beat patterns. Then do the same for “e’s” and “ah’s” (switching the line to their left hands). This will help the players realize any individual inconsistencies.
2. Play the split with first note only (to fix the entrance problem)

Other stuff:

B. Timekeeping
C. Balance
D. Coordination/Independence (feet and hands)


Metal snare drum buyer’s guide

On MusicRadar there’s a good guide to five budget metal snare drums (Mapex, Ludwig, Dixon, Worldmax, Highwood). And 4 tips for the snare drum buyer:

1. Once past the £100 mark, every aspect of your snare should improve. Look for a better quality steel shell, or maybe even one in bronze, brass or aluminium. Steel is loud yet sensitive and responsive. aluminium a little drier and tauter, brass and bronze fruitier, darker and more musical.

Shells should be at least 1mm thick, while lugs and tension rods should have nylon washers and isolating gaskets – the sort of small details that make the drum perform more sweetly.


Steve Reich Clapping music for drumset, by Glenn Kotche (Wilco)

A trascription for drums of the famous pieces by Steve Reich, ‘Clappin Music’ that is a journey into rythm. Looking for inspiration and a new way to think as a drummer and to play. Wilco’s Glenn Kotche tells the story of his journey. With sheet and transcriptions. Click here fot the article (pdf file)

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